voltar.org,llc is a tiny software company consting of the sole operator: Paul Miller and his silly ideas. To date, voltar.org,llc has published exactly two commercial products.

  1. MOPI (again) as a KDP Kindle e-book. The Roger Williams (the author) gets half the profit. I offered the book free of charge, and this arrangement was his idea.
  2. Digital Blasphemy Wallpapers on the Google Play Store. The Ryan Bliss (the artist) gets half the profit. I was originally considering releasing this on my own, but Ryan wished to split the profits and advertise directly on his site. Fantastic!

voltar.org,llc is available for small paid software projects of all kinds, but the operator has a day job, so the projects must be small enough to complete on evenings and weekends.

Direct questions and comment to the contact page.

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