Paul's ActivePerl 5.8 Repo

You can view

  1. the repo as a file list
  2. the README.txt, which includes instructions for building your own repo,
  3. or view the repo as html (really, just the package list using XSL).

In any case, to actually use the repo, do this:
  ppm rep add "Paul's Repo"

5/26/8: Learning perl-win32 Dependencies 

I spent probably 3 whole hours trying to figure out how statically linked libexpat into XML::Parser. I don't think he did. I think he copied the libexpat.* into his arch/auto dirs by hand. (So, that's what I did and it works.)

So, why bother if he already figured it out? I was trying to think of ways to not need to install libgtk, libcairo, libatk, etc for my Gtk2-perl build. You pretty much need the graphics from the share dirs installed though, so even though this appears possible, it probably wouldn't help.

I also notcied serious problems with my documentation in the builds. I was using “make htmlifypods”, but it turns out that was removed from ExtUtils::MakeMaker circa 2002!


5/24/8: The 5.8 Repo is Online 

Although simple at first glance, there are quite a few gotchas to bringing a clean active repo online.

PPM does a surprisingly poor job of handling dependencies and I felt obligated to sort that out (for them).


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