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2007-08-24: dynip 2.1.1

I fixed many introduced bugs with the 2.1.0 release. This release was about 8 minutes later... *sigh*

download the Voltarian dynip (md5: 819bb17afaec430c944e2a799079fdf8)


2007-08-24: dynip 2.1.0

I added a couple of features, including (but not limited to) the ability to turn the thing off without exiting.

The other really big new feature is the automated update checking. It's really primitive now, but it'll get better with future releases. One thing it doesn't do (yet) is download internally (ie, it forks a firefox); and another thing it doesn't do yet is check the cryptographic hash signature you see below. But really, if someone altered the download, wouldn't they just alter the page too?

(I intend to do a GPG/PGP thing later on.)

download the Voltarian dynip (md5: 3a82848045c64fb961495809801ce569)


2007-08-21: dynip 2.0.5

One type of unrecognized failure was downgraded in importance and nolonger causes updates to disable.

download the Voltarian dynip (md5: f8bee7cd6454b8ca8aa44ea2af8de291)


2007-08-17: dynip 2.0.4

There were various problems with the way timeouts were handled. I have fixed them I think. Basically, if the telnet got stuck there was no effort on the part of the dynip app to restart the automatic update process.

I'm reasonably certain most errors are handled relatively gracefully as well. Please let me know if this supposition is false.

download the Voltarian dynip (md5: e5636b4255805de42f49c55e4d2dec4c)


2007-08-14: dynip 2.0.3

This is a cosmetic release. Various little things are fixed, but nothing worth losing any sleep over.

download the Voltarian dynip (md5: 6bc6046e49ea81db234d43a1aa657c90)


2007-08-14: dynip 2.0.2

I fixed a couple little bugs (I hope) with the error detection. This version otherwise ran all night...

download the Voltarian dynip (md5: 18a60a6467bf4cff1ddbe1c0fb203e54)


2007-08-13: dynip 2.0.1

I have constructed a new version of the voltarian dynip systray app. I highly recommend you use this one instead of the old one. The reason is simple: The client in the .zip file uses an outdated and broken MS TCP library that slowly consumes all your sockets. It takes a couple days, but you will experience this eventually.

The new version uses entirely different libs and is a lot easier to keep track of since it has a nice GUI installer!

download the Voltarian dynip (md5: 9ba1f0e609851d0d4d8f7771a9faacc4)


Download the windows and linux clients here: clients.zip.

Both downloads contain both clients. I have in fact gotten the perl client to run under cygwin with their cool crond (for NT/XP), but I also made the dynip.exe systray app in case you don't want to install cygwin.

For the sake of filling the page, the linux client is also listed below... it's a perl app. :)

# this is just about as simple as this can get...

use strict;
use warnings;
use IO::Socket::INET;

# If you leave $ip = undef, then the server will determin your IP
# for you.  However, you can override it if you like.

my ($host, $pass) = qw(user password);
my $dynip = IO::Socket::INET->new("dynip.voltar.org:5555") or die $!;

my $rev = <$dynip>;

print $dynip "$host\n";
print $dynip "$pass\n";
print $dynip "\n";

close $dynip;
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